TLR offers an extensive array of services providing outstanding expertise, professionality and financial know-how to support clients in making effective strategic choices.

GLOBALIZATION: TLR offers support services to small and medium sized manufacturing firms which plan to expand their activities to new markets, but lack the necessary knowledge or capital to achieve their goals. TLR provides solutions that put an emphasis on the high quality of technical products and favor penetration into the market.

GROWTH: TLR solutions drive sales volume optimization and growth, to the advantage of producers and distributors alike. The efficiency of TLR services is increased by the implementation of business models that take into consideration innovation, market changes and clients’ needs.



  • Allows clients to increase and improve their productive capacity with no significant investment;
  • Provides a chance to substitute outdated equipment with technologically advanced machinery;
  • Allows for the prolongation of assets’ rental;
  • Gives clients the option to buy rented assets;
  • Includes in its fee insurance coverage on transportation induced damages or incidental causes;
  • Enables clients to avoid using their own capital or bank credit lines;
  • Features an active research of tailored solution for clients, considering the industrial sector and the type of delivery;
  • Supports clients on technical/administrative issues until completion of the operation;
  • Offers advice and feedback to final customers and partner suppliers in every commercial negotiation.


  • Allows to expand the commercial offer both in Italy and to the benefit of exports of new markets; it ensures productivity, economies of scale and competitiveness to the producer;
  • Allows for the mitigation of traditional risks in sales transactions with insurance coverage on political risk and counterpart, favouring a highly efficient commercial strategy;
  • Permits the transfer of ownership of the good against the payment in instalments up to 60 months;
  • Enables the producer of goods to minimise costs and investments abroad with the opportunity to expand/increase market shares in the short term;
  • Provides support and consultation to both suppliers and final users in every operation